Take part in this amazing safari of gorilla trekking, visiting a local community of Iby’Iwachu, Dian Fossey graveyard, golden monkey trekking all in Volcanoes National Park and then head to Diani beach in Mombasa, eastern Kenya.

Here you will engage in different beach activities such as sunbathing, swimming, fishing, boat cruise and so much more. You also have options of visiting vibrant cities of Kigali and Mombasa. The safari, therefore, takes you to the two countries which are both very memorable and rewarding.

Day 1: Arrival in Kigali and transfer to a hotel

Take a drive through Kigali city after the driver guide welcomed you to the land of a thousand hills as you arrive at Kigali International Airport. Have an option of visiting some of the attractions in the city like the presidential Palace museum, Kigali genocide memorial Centre, the local market or take a hike on Mount. Kigali to enjoy the aerial view of the city. The drive will finally take you to the booked accommodation site in Kigali where you will spend a night.

Day 2: Transfer to Volcanoes National Park

Have a hearty breakfast and then transfer to Volcanoes national park where you will spend 2nights while discovering its beauty. The park is home to different mammals but the mountain gorillas and the golden monkeys make it stand out. Other attractions in the park are, the graveyard of Dian Fossey who was a researcher and primatologist who save a good number of mountain gorillas from poaching and again introduced the habituation process in Africa. The dormant volcanic mountains such as the Karisimbi, Bisoke and Sabyinyo that offer the best scenery and adventure as visitors take a hike. On arrival, you will take dinner and retire at the booked lodge.

Day 3: Gorilla trekking and Dian Fossey hike

Take a fascinating and rewarding adventure of gorilla trekking which will begin with briefing immediately after a cup of tea or coffee at the lodge. The briefing takes place at the park offices where all trekkers of that day meet and cross-checking the gorilla trekking permits, assignment of the park ranger to track with, giving you guidelines which you will follow while trekking, and all the required information about the forest.

The trek will begin immediately as you are behind the armed park ranger well informed and knowledgeable on every plant, animal and birds you meet along the way. After locating them, you will have an hour with the gorilla family as you take a keen watch on their behavior which resembles that of human beings. After 5 hours in the forest, you will find your way to the lodge for lunch while making stories about your experience with the gorillas.

Head to visit the graveyard of Dian Fossey after lunch where you will be able to learn more about this primatologist who dedicated her life to save gorillas. She also started a research Centre between Karisimbi and Bisoke Mountains hence naming it Karisimbi research Centre and now it is helping very many students worldwide and employing a huge number of workers as rangers, researchers and causal workers. The trail to the graveyard rewards you with different primates, bird species, and tree species among others. Then return to the lodge in the evening for the next fruitful night.

Day 4: Golden monkey trekking and community tour

As the day begins by waking up, breakfast enjoyed and then the driver takes you to the park offices to go through briefing exercise like the previous day, rules and regulations told after heading in the forest. The search begins and in a few hours or minutes, you will find the beautiful creatures in the bamboo forests and they will feel happy to see you. Take photos using a flashlight camera and you will witness that these primates enjoy them a lot. After an hour in their presence, find your way to the lodge where you will have lunch and head for a community tour afterwards.

Visiting Iby’Iwachu cultural village is a great way as you discover more about the unique culture of African and this can be through the traditional dances, story tale, and community tours as you enjoy the spiritual powers of the traditional healers, taste the traditional dishes, a local beer made from bananas among others. The day ends as you head to the lodge for a nap and dinner.

Day 5: Transfer to Kigali and fly to Kenya

Transfer to Kigali International Airport after breakfast and then fly to Kenya where you will meet our tour representative ready to welcome you. He will quickly give you a briefing about the safari in this Country and the weather conditions at large. Then transfer to the hotel in Mombasa for your dinner.

Day 6 & 7: Explore Diani beach and Mombasa

On this beautiful day, you will embark on the drive to Diani beach where you will engage in different activities such as sunbath, swimming, fishing, boat cruise among others. Diani beach is ranked to be the finest beach in Africa and it’s located in the Indian Ocean in Kenya just a 30 minutes’ drive from Mombasa Town. Also, you can explore the wildlife around the beach like visiting Shima hill national reserve where you will discover animals like Waterbucks, Elephants, Genet, Leopard, Buffaloes, Sable Antelope, Civet Cat, Hyenas, Bush Pig, Bushbuck, Coastal Black, white Colobus and Bush.

The drive to Shima hills is rewarding and it takes about a 45 minutes from Dian beach. Also, you have another option of visiting Mombasa city with its attractions like museums, monuments among others.

Day 8: Transfer to airport and fly back home

On this day after breakfast, you will head to the airport where you will board your flight back home and this will be the end of your 8 days safari.